Mountaineerz Leisure and Adventure Private Limited

About Us

Escape the crowds and take the road less travelled to find your own incredible experience. Discover 'off the radar' destinations in the Himalaya where you can try different activities and enjoy exclusive experiences. Talk to our team of enthusiasts about how you can go further and travel deeper, especially if you have been in the Indian Himalaya before and are returning for a second or repeat visit and want to experience it in another way.

Our trips are more about experiences and memories. The luxury of a perfect location. The intelligent luxury of time, space and tranquility, to relax, recharge and connect with your surroundings. The intelligent luxury of personalised experiences and activities handpicked to suit your interests, tastes, time available and budget. This is luxury the Mountaineerz way. Intelligent, thoughtful, bespoke.

And the best part is that an experience this rich won't break the bank. We provide all of our inclusions—local trip leaders, on-tour support, transfers, accommodations, many meals and more—for one very affordable price.


What We Do

At MOUNTAINEERZ we put the pieces together to create the perfect adventure holiday. We listen to your needs, preferences, and budget to ensure we pair you with the right product. 

Experiential Holidays In The Himalayas:

Think of a perfect blend of luxury, leisure and adventure in the wild...

The combination of exotic locations, warm ambience and high standard of service in the wild is what experiential holidays with Mountaineerz are all about. Designed for providing a relaxing and invigorating experience to guests, Mountaineerz have raised the bar of lavishness and comfort of camping in the wild to a new level all together. The wide variety of our trekking and camping packages offer several opportunities for visitors including family, friends and couples to enjoy the unparalleled beauty of Indian Himalaya with a host of activities to indulge in.

At Mountaineerz, the guests are treated to real life experiences with well-rounded and adventuresome activities. It is the relationships that the guests forge here while interacting with the locals during their stay with us that make us unique. It is all about a fresh perspective and the memories that will leave the guests wanting for more.


The guests decide everything and how their vacation will be. With a whole spectrum of adventure activities from trekking to skiing to paragliding, the guests decide all, with professional guidance which we provide. Right from choosing fresh vegetable greens for their meals to the fish they will roast to the level of adventure that they would choose to indulge in, is all charted out by the guests. It is this freedom that makes the experience unique.


Small Group Adventures:

This may mean recommending a small group departure for a trek to an exotic destination. It is a great way to travel and trek with like-minded people. This helps guests to cover a lot of ground with little effort and gives a great value out of their customized adventure. We ensure end-to-end planning of the itineraries, trekking, climbing and safety equipment and management of logistical support and other resources. 

We will depute a dedicated Expedition Manager to the group. This personalizes the experience and helps the guests to customize their treks and holidays effectively and lets them clarify their doubts.


Exploratory Treks:

These are groups of trekkers who take on some unknown and unexplored trekking trails with us. We plan end-to-end for the trek route and execution at the root level.


Customized Adventures: 

We may also suggest a customized itinerary that we build from scratch to deliver the exact experience our clients want, completely built to their specifications.


Luxury Adventures:

Depending on the style our clients seek, a private luxury journey may be the best fit. Adventure doesn’t have to mean compromising on the finest amenities; we work to ensure we pair luxury with an authentic adventure.



Often we combine all three options to deliver the experience our clients are looking for. No matter what your age, style, budget, or definition of adventure – we’ve got an epic journey that’s right for you! 

Our Adventure Specialists are here to consult based on needs, recommend based on experience, and guide clients through the entire process until they’re home safely putting their photo album together!


Conduct Of Trips:

Mountaineerz takes pride in working with some of the best trained professionals in the industry. The guides who work with us are both permanent and contractual employees. We use our own top-of-the-line equipment and gear for all expeditions and treks and they undergo a thorough quality check from time to time. 

Guests are received from the bus stand/airport (with compliments) and are assisted to check in at Data Base – Mountaineerz or any accommodation of their choice. However, it is mandatory and requested that the guests check in to the Base – Mountaineerz one day before the trek or expedition. This assists the guests to interact with each other and their trek leader. The ice is broken around a bon fire at Data Base – Mountaineerz and guests can get all their questions answered. It also gives ample time to finish any last minute shopping for the trek.

At the Base – Mountaineerz, guests are given a thorough drill down by the guides about the Do’s and Don’ts of the trek. The guides and trek leaders walk the guests through the proper use of the trekking gear and equipment. Guests are requested to fill out medical and indemnity forms to ensure a seamless experience and to help us assist any guest experiencing any specific medical ailment. The guests are given physical examination and a drill down on High Altitude Mountaineerz Etiquette. The trekking team staff includes a professional with rescue management and first-aid technique qualification.