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Guidelines To Follow For Your First Trekking

Posted by Admin on June, 22, 2020

Trekking has slowly gained popularity among youngsters who have an adventurous spirit. Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of hectic lifestyle trekking allows you to be one with nature as well as has benefits both mentally and physically. The lovely green Meadows with snow-covered peaks are sure to leave you mesmerized and wanting more. This is truly an experience of a lifetime. However, if you are a beginner you should weigh in the following factors before going for your first trek.

Built Stamina
This is an important factor to consider before going for your first trek. Make sure you have strong legs to carry you through the entire trek. Do cardio and jogging to ensure that you do fall behind your group and can complete the trekking on the given time frame. Having strong stamina will help you through the entire process and save you from stress and anxiety.

Quality Shoes
Trekking is by no means an easy activity for beginners, therefore, make sure you are prepared by investing in good quality shoes. Trekking requires walking for long hours and hence you should invest in shoes that are comfortable, water-resistant, and fits you perfectly. Uncomfortable shoes will not only hinder your pace but will also give you leg sores. This will ultimately lead to you left behind in the group adding to stress instead of you enjoying the process.

Pack Lightly
Carrying too many clothing items will easily become a liability for you as you have to carry the backpack all through the trek. Therefore make sure to pack lightly and carry clothing items that you can wear easily and that dry quickly. People who go on a hard trek like Chandratal Lake Trek are advised to carry only necessary items to ensure that you have enough stamina to carry through the entire trek.

Layered Clothing
Many beginners are unaware of the unpredictable weather conditions of the mountains. Hence carrying layered clothing items is of utmost importance. Invest in quality pieces as something the weather conditions can be quite harsh. Raincoats are another item which you should carry along with you as it can rain with notice anytime.

Keep Hydrating
Trekking in high altitude can easily de-energize you pretty quickly hence consuming an ample amount of water is necessary. Intake high - energy food with lots of water will help you carry through the trek easily.

Opt for a trek that is suitable for you Last but not least understanding your ability as a beginner trekker what kind of trekking is suitable for you. Beginners are advised to opt for an easy trek that does not have tough terrain and does not involve stress walking. However, if you have some experience you can opt for a moderate trek too.

As for hard trek like Chanderkhani Pass Trek leave it to professional trekker as it can easily stretch for weeks and ascending through altitude which can test you on various aspects and are therefore not apt for beginners. Always understand that trekking is no race, it is something to experience.
Walk at the pace that you are comfortable otherwise you can easily get exhausted within a few hours of trekking. There are several popular trekking spots like Manali Trekking which you can try to have an experience of the lifetime.

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